“Let’s take a break from being normal,” Montreal trio, Planet Giza urges on the hook of their latest release, “Brk Frm Nrml”. Looking at the crazy feel of the appropriately-titled track, this one might as well start off from there, as the minutes to follow take fans through a unique environment of electric production and galvanizing flows.
Considering that Planet Giza are former Kaytranada collaborators (see 2017’s “Domina”), I think the genius producer may have rubbed off on their sound because this release has the bounce reminiscent of a Kaytra track. Of course, this doesn’t mean that “Brk From Nrml” can be discounted as a carbon copy, though, as Planet Giza put their own flavor on it, using some eclectic sounds and layers that, when combined with their feathery vocals, result in a rich, textured listen.
Capping things off, Mick Jenkins (a Kaytranada collaborator as well) gives the fluttering track some grit with his resonant voice, and quite honestly, I’ll never understand how, even with that voice, he still skates over light, bouncing production while always connecting. Needless to say, “Brk Frm Nrml” is a well-rounded effort, so be sure to check it out below! In the meantime, start building up anticipation for the group’s forthcoming record, Added Sugar, for which they have yet to set a release date.