Brisco Bands Recruits BabyTron On “Actions Speak Louder”

One of the best parts about discovering new music from aspiring artists is watching their growth throughout their careers. While every artist’s growth looks different, one common goal they all have is to create beautiful records. I recently came across Nathan Nieves, also known as Brisco Bands hailing out of Vineland, NJ. He has only been creating music for two years, but his accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Growing up listening to 80/90s freestyle with his parents, his ear for music is very diverse. Looking up to artists such as Tory Lanez, Lil Yachty, and Post Malone, Brisco knew he had to put in hard work and determination to build a lasting career. So far, Brisco already accumulated over one million views and plays all together across all streaming platforms. Most recently, he had the opportunity to tap in with BabyTron on “Actions Speak Louder.” Produced by WaVyMason, Brisco came across BabyTron rapping over a freestyle sample and reached out to him to have the verse on his single. Both artists came together to produce a fire track. Check out their single below.