Danny Adams
Danny Adams
26 May 2020

Clearly if you’ve paid any sort of attention to Rap music ever since its inception, booties have been a major theme in the genre. I feel ridiculous even typing that, but it’s true and it has played a part in some of the biggest songs in the history of music. As is the case typically, Lil Gnar has never shied away from this topic or any other slightly sexual themes, making exactly what he enjoys known to the public, and never being bashful about it either. While some of his music might not have the most significant meanings or underlying narratives, they’re almost always bangers and are sure to get any sort of party going in the blink of an eye. His unapologetic style and straightforward persona are part of the reason he has amassed such an extensive fanbase in a somewhat short span of time, but the rest of his skills speak for themselves as well.

“Brand New Booty” is the brand-new lust-fueled track from Lil Gnar and I knew it was another hit from the moment I pressed play. Some cunning, devious synths create the catchiest portion of the production, which was crafted by the ever so talented JetsonMade, while resounding drums and rattling percussion come into the picture to set the tempo of this track. Gnar’s delivery is almost boastful while he repeats the name of the song in the hook, as he seems to be referring to the new butt that he bought his girl as his own possession. His flow in the first verse isn’t absolutely mind-blowing by any means, but he bounces along on the beat in a happy go lucky fashion, spitting choppy lines and allowing them to breathe after he’s finished reciting them. This might not be as intricate as we’ve heard him rap previously, but it’s catchy and memorable without a doubt. He does end up picking up the pace a bit more after the first few lines, but it’s still not quite as masterful as I’ve experienced from him before, in all honesty. His second verse is a bit of a different story, as he seems to resort back to the sound I originally remember hearing from him when he first picked up rapping. His words are under annunciated, but this allows him to mash more lyrics together in a spitfire manner that truly shows off his talents. The main topics Gnar covers don’t deviate far from his admiration of booties, but he does talk about this in a plethora of ways by remembering some of the most noteworthy butts he’s seen in his life.

It goes without saying that the music video that came with this new hit is going to heavily revolve around booties. There’s a ton of random scenes throughout, most of them taking place in front of a green screen to show off different backgrounds and settings. It opens up with a scene of Gnar shooting cash from a money gun as two women are shaking their butts hastily before transitioning to a shot that shows the rapper lighting his hand on fire in order to set a marijuana plant ablaze. As he begins spitting, Gnar is in a surgeon’s getup as he marks up a woman’s behind before she gets implants. His floating head then comes into a completely orange frame as the two original girls continue to shake their butts while he looks on in admiration. Pretty much the only scene that doesn’t contain a butt specifically is in front of a mountainous green screen backdrop that shows the rapper sitting on the hood of his Porsche as the weed plants in front of him continue to burn. After this, there’s an interesting scene that shows a young boy at a table waiting to be served food. Based on his dreadlocks as well as the temporary face tattoos, it’s clear that this is supposed to be a child version of Gnar. As his meal approaches, an awe-struck expression covers his face as he can’t believe the meal he’s about to receive. This plate ends up containing a booty-shaped pile of some sort of green food, and the literal Lil Gnar ditches the utensils in order to dive in face first.

Look, I know this song doesn’t have any crazy lyrical significance or extremely meaningful messages, but not every song needs to. The production is extremely appealing, the deliveries are catchy, and the music video is entertaining. It’s a lot more creative and so much more thought went into creating this track and visual than most artists can take credit for, so I definitely give Lil Gnar props. While this topic might be outplayed at certain points throughout the genre of Rap, Gnar kept it fresh and entertaining as you’ll see when you take a chance to watch the video. It’s also definitely slightly comical as well, so that’s an additional plus that you don’t always intentionally get from music nowadays. “Brand New Booty” is the name of Lil Gnar’s latest song, so be sure to give it a play and check out the booty-filled world he created in the visual as well.