BRA-LESS – [Iamdoechii]

Many of you by now have undoubtedly heard of Iamdoechii. The Tampa, Florida-raised rapper’s song, “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” is making its way across social media and is absolutely deserving of all the attention coming its way. My introduction to the burgeoning rap artist was through her song, “Spookie Coochie,” and from the onset, you could tell Iamdoechii had an indescribable charisma about her that found its way into her raps. With the current success of her previously released single, “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake,” Iamdoechii’s music is being propelled into more ears than ever before, leading her to release a new five-track EP titled, BRA-LESS, that is re-emphasizing her charismatic style.

Her calculated effort in putting together a collection of songs that exemplify the kind of production, delivery, and sound that lingers around our favorite mixtapes, makes Iamdoechii’s latest release so special. From her cinematic opener, “BRA-LESS,” to the braggadocios nature of “PMS,” the utter freestyle atmosphere created on “TRUTH,” the energized bounce of “SHIT” and finally, Iamdoechii concludes her project with her previously released R&B single, “GIRLS.” In totality, Iamdoechii embodies all the elements of an artist whose prowess as a rapper combined with her silk-lined vocal ability as a singer culminate into an artist able to deliver at the highest level. Iamdoechii is well on her way to the top, and it is truly exciting to see her experiencing such a warm reception from the masses – this is just the beginning. 

Listen to BRA-LESS by Iamdoechii below.