Boy – [VICTOR!]

If you’re a diehard fan of Chicago singer-songwriter VICTOR!, it’s possible you’ve heard his new single before. Whether you’ve heard “Boy” at one of VICTOR!’s local shows or maybe off his CD-exclusive “GLITTER98” project, the song is now available in all of its glory on your favorite streaming platform. This track is undoubtedly banger material, with its minimal of production, immediately sticky melody and charming rawness. Split into two parts, the more upbeat first half basks in the light of new love as VICTOR! pens verses in awe of the girl who’s fallen into his life. The second half takes a more downtempo turn, recounting the moment the initial butterflies fade or a relationship starts to flicker away. As always, the 17-year-old self-produced musician wears his heart on his sleeve, letting his vulnerability be the driving force behind his music. VICTOR! shared that this may be the last we hear from him for a little while, as he plans on taking a hiatus to move to LA. Don’t fret though, he still has multiple shows coming up this summer which you can check out here, and he’s definitely got more on the way after this summer.