Boss (ceo) – [Kurtains]

More and more are new age artists finding beauty through pure simplicity. This is especially true given the recent intersection between hip-hop and pop manifesting itself in these ideas of relatability and being as stripped back as possible with their approach — which is most prominently displayed through songs in this manner having nothing more than a scattering and catchy lead melody and an off-the-wall and sporadic vocal performance as its base.

One of, if not the absolute master at this creative outlook is Kurtains, who has dropped single after single displaying this fact and practically solidifying themselves as such. And following suit is their latest single entitled “Boss (ceo),” which does more than enough to both keep up with this artistic mindstate and standout on its own.

The instrumental makes itself very apparent from the jump — giving listeners that consistently spiraling lead melody that just carries on and on throughout the song’s entirety and making for an all-too-entertaining experience. The slight moments where the beat cuts out from time to time also work to give it that extra edge as it proceeds further. 

But easily the most important facet that this song can call its own is the maddeningly addictive vocal performance put in by Kurtians themselves. Utilizing what has become a signature aspect of their work, they use each moment of their respective passages in this song to either deliver slick and enjoyable accounts of wordplay, or taking the dead space and stuttering their own voice to create a sonic state that they can essentially call their own.

Kurtains has proven to be a hitmaker through and through on repeated occasions by using this exact creative approach, and they have come to see nothing but resounding success as a result. This just is just the latest in this ever-growing pipeline — and one that just gets better and better with each release.