Born in the Sunset: Thoughts to Oasis-[Jacob’s Blue]

For my first few articles of the year, I really wanted to take the time to unearth some up and coming talent that I discovered via twitter/email submissions. As a writer, it’s very easy to give priority to friends and publicists, but at the same time, its equally important to reach out to the artists who may not have the same resources to pitch to huge media outlets. One of the standouts from the submissions was an artist who goes by the name of Jacob’s Blue. 

Jacob Medure aka Jacob’s Blue is a 22 year old artist who split time between Jacksonville, Florida and a myriad of other places around the Country. After spending the last 4 years in Flushing, Queens, NY at St. Johns University, Jacob just moved out to Denver, Colorado which is now home base. With a lot of new beginnings taking place around him, it’s the perfect time to introduce him to our pages for his latest project called, Born in the Sunset: Thoughts to Oasis. The 7 song offering is an experimental collection that immediately sparked my interest after hearing the dynamic production and unique vocal talents of Jacob’s Blue. When you listen to his music, it is evidently clear that the 22-year-old knows what he wants his sound to be concretely, while still pushing the boundaries of what he’s capable of doing. There are a lot of great elements in these songs that I enjoyed. No two songs are the same which is a testament to Jacob’s ability to create music for any mood and setting. 

According to the up and comer:

“Born in the Sunset: Thoughts to Oasis tells a story of a relationship that mirrors the beauty, passion, and brilliance of the sunset. Using the sun as a metaphor, it’s meant to deliver the cyclical nature of life and love and really the pursuit of one’s own happiness. So if one thinks about a relationship arc,(you know meeting to falling in love, all the way to never want to speak to someone again) and were to mirror those feelings with the color, imagery, and sound of the sun setting, that’s really how this album came about. The title of the album alludes to the point listeners are supposed to arrive at after listening: That through the feeling and overcoming the pain that was Born in the Sunset(ie downfall of a relationship, if we’re still following this arc), come one’s own Thoughts to Oasis, or really tools to get to or get back to happiness. Or at least that’s how it all went down for me…”

All in all, the one thing that I notice in Jacob Blue’s music is his love for the art. You can tell that he took his time to create what we are witnessing right now and it’s truly a blessing to indulge in a project that wasn’t rushed or force, but rather handled with care and intentionality. I’m officially a fan of this kid and I can’t wait to see what else he cooks up in the new year. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so listen to his latest project and let us know what you think!