BONES – [Elroy]

Last year, we covered Pennsylvania native Elroy who’s voice immediately grabbed my attention. Elroy is another artist who doesn’t feel limited by any one genre when making his music, being able to pull from various influences is what makes so many new artists coming out right now exciting and fresh. While not feeling boxed into any one style of music, the creative freedom young artists have is unparalleled. Elroy is a prime example of that.

On his latest single “BONES”, the rising star is at his best using his gruff voice overproduction that drifts from electronic,  to alternative, to hip-hop and constantly keeps the listener engaged which all leads to a gut-wrenching drop. Elroy’s tone is ominous throughout, as the beat builds you can’t help but feel like moving as the energy builds even though the subject matter of the lyrics is a little dark. Can’t wait to see the madness that goes down at his live shows in the future.

With a solid catalog underneath him, Elroy continues to level up his sound. Seeing the progression, I would not be surprised if he becomes a well-known name by the time December comes around. Be on the lookout for new music from Elroy soon!

Listen to “BONES” on all platforms here!