bodies – [fearofmakingout]

We all know that Lyrical Lemonade is a predominantly hip-hop and rap-related site, and I write for them because these are two aligned genres that I have been in love with for decades. As LL has grown, so has the team, the creative endeavors that we pursue, and the audience we serve. Along with this transformation, we have become a much more well-rounded group of writers that cover a lot more than these two styles of music singularly, and while they still have my heart, I love the diverse submissions that come across my screen.

A little while ago, one of my industry homies sent me some music from the Phoenix-based alternative/indie band fearofmakingout, a quartet of unbelievably talented musicians who bring something different but equally impressive to the table in order to truly bring out the best in one another. I can sit here and claim that I regularly listen, but that’s because I really only regularly listen to a handful of my favorite artists on repeat, which is probably more of a problem than something I’m proud of, in all honesty. Regardless, every time I have the chance to experience some new music from FOMO, I seize the opportunity considering they constantly push the boundaries and make me excited for a genre outside of my normal listening patterns.

I’m a few weeks late to their latest self-produced release “bodies”, but it’s a song that is powerful, smooth, soothing, and spectacular, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to discuss the track’s Beewax-directed music video. We all have different memories from high school, some that are better than others, and the four talents take us back to these times as they play in the school band at a football game.

Instead of playing the stereotypical group of nerds, they end up chilling under the bleachers during a break in the action to smoke a blunt and mess around as a lovely lady catches the eye of lead singer Ryan Moreno. This story continues to unfold as they get back to playing their music, but he just can’t take his eyes off of her. This ends up leading to a turn of events as he’s actually tackled by one of the players following the girl’s disappearance, but when he wakes up to a crowd of people surrounding his beat-up body, she is the first one there to greet him.

This storyline ends there considering he jumps in a car to get dropped off at home, but it’s a storyline that I think gives viewers the chance to imagine all sorts of different endings, so I definitely respect the open-endedness. Even though they’re still making a name for themselves, fearofmakingout has continued to impress me with every additional release, and “bodies” is captivating on all fronts, so make sure you get in tune with the four-person powerhouse as soon as you can!