Bluegrass Acoustic – [E The Profit]

Throwing all gimmicks aside, E The Profit made me a fan after “Pop My Shit,” his straight to the point attitude when rapping is impossible not to admire. His style feels unconscious as if the words just fall from his brain out his mouth with a hybrid midwestern-southern draw acting as the filter. These reasons alone would make me a fan, but the fact that he doubles down on all of these things by adding his no-nonsense attitude and lyricism – I’m sold. This brings me to his latest visual release for his acoustic version of his previously released single, “Bluegrass.” The original single featured heavy basslines and drums that would destroy any stock sound system, but his newly released “Bluegrass Acoustic” places a microscope around my favorite thing about E The Profit; his lyricism. Set on a ranch, in what we can only imagine is somewhere in his home state of Kentucky, E The Profit raps directly to the camera, acting as the focal point of the video with supporting characters in the form of a stable of horses, a luxury Mercedes and two lion statues made of stone. Who can resist a rapper talking his shit like this, especially when all that accompanies him, sonically, are crisp piano keys?

Watch the “Bluegrass Acoustic” video from E The Profit below.