Sam Morrison
Sam Morrison
25 Jun 2020

Dae Zhen is an artist who I stumbled on during my weekly discover weekly digging. The game changing artist dropped a track sometime ago called “2020 Vision” that completely caught my attention and shifted my focus towards this rising star. The now Los Angeles based singer, rapper, producer is originally  from Fontana, California and is known for his genre bending style; tapping inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse and early Kanye West. His attraction to versatility is something that is ever so present in his work and today, he just dropped a track that conveys that to perfection.

In the climate, we’re living in right now, its always important to keep the focus on the issues that matter most. Dae Zhen realizes that, which is why he decided to release the offering that he released today. With everything going on with police brutality, the rising artist has come out speak on it through his new song called “Blue Uniforms”, explaining that this is his way to share his perspective on the subject. What I love most about this song is that there is action behind it as well. According to Dae and his team, all the proceeds of the streams that this song brings in will be donated towards the NAACP Legal fund and Color of Change.

The one minute and thirty-six second is completely reflective and insightful. For those who aim to make change, it is important to have the conversations that are had to have. Being able to see the world for what it truly is and making an effort to change it for the better is our duty as people. Dae Zhen gets that which is why this song is going to make a lasting impression on a lot of people. I was able to grab a quote from him about the song and he says that: 

“Things have gotten really complicated over the last few weeks, so I tried to keep the message simple: Police offers are still murdering unarmed black people. It shouldn’t be controversial or political to say that America has a huge fucking problem to address.”

This track was needed and its a blessing to cover artists who aren’t shoving their opinions in the faces of others, but simply just speaking up for what they believe. Dae also decided to drop a visual to go along with video and it can be found here on his igtv! I’ve attached the Apotify link down below to “Blue Uniforms”. Make sure to check it out and give us your thoughts!