Bloodbath – [good problem]

A few weeks ago, I was put onto good problem, a music duo comprised of Eli and Elton, two Massachusetts-based talents who I was pleasantly surprised with after my first listen. Even though they’re still very early on in their budding careers with only a couple of songs out, it’s obvious that their talent and passion is there, and these things come through incredibly well in every single release they’ve put out so far, so it’s sufficed to say that I’m incredibly excited for the future of this tag team.

Despite their recent beginning, they’ve been grinding their hardest, and the most recent contribution to their catalog of releases is a music video for their song “Bloodbath” that came out last week. This has been a song I’ve been playing over and over, and even though it’s not necessarily my particularly favorite style of music, there is something about it that just keeps me coming back, and I’m not complaining for even a second.

Opening up, there is a message at the bottom of the screen from the group’s singer Eli who is attempting to kill his ego in order to bridge the gap between him and the people he loves. When the song begins, Eli and Elton are in the middle of a forest, playing their respective instruments and singing while doused in blood splatter, adding a nice cohesion from the song’s title to the visual.

Aside from this, Eli can be seen dragging a white, blood-strewn bag, that most likely represents his dying ego, along a desolate road in the middle of nowhere, taking frequent breaks to patch up rips in order to make sure that there is no escaping his mission. After ditching the bag in a forest, Eli takes off running, arriving at a small body of water to cleanse himself of the situation and start fresh. No matter how new they might be to the music scene, they have offered some incredible records and music videos to their repertoire thus far, and “Bloodbath” is no exception, making it a video you’re going to want to check out as soon as you get the chance.