Blood – [Rex Nendo]

South Carolina artist RexNendo first caught my attention about a month ago, when I randomly caught a snippet of his music video for “Blood” on Instagram. It was cool on first listen, and even cooler on second listen, but I didn’t think too much of it. Fast forward a few days, and the hook of the song had cemented itself in my head, pushing me to revisit RexNendo and the wildly infectious track “Blood” nearly every day since.

Only getting better with each visit, slow-burning songs like this one are some of my favorites. “Blood” works around an airy, almost ethereal bed of production – slightly understated, but infectious in every sense of the word. RexNendo’s controlled, melodic deliveries tie the song together, and offer a masterful supply of quote-worthy lines in the process — most notably shown through the song’s hook, which, if you’re anything like me, is sure to get stuck in your head sooner or later.

As fantastic as the song is, what helps take “Blood” to the next level, in my opinion, is the matching set of visuals here, capturing Nendo waving a gun with a female friend in the front yard of a random neighborhood home. Picturing the neighbors looking out their window at the video shoot, you can’t help but love this video, especially in the way that the coloring complements the sound of the song. Bright, summery, and full of energy in all the right places.

RexNendo did his thing on this one, so be sure to check out “Blood” at the link below:

Video shot & edited by @pearlhousegb