Bliss – [Yung Lean] ft. [FKA Twigs]

Not very long ago at all, I wrote about a new Yung Lean song called “Trip”, and this instantly became a track that I have listened to multiple times every day because it’s just that good. What I didn’t realize when I wrote about it was the fact that it was actually going to be featured on Lean’s project Stardust that came out yesterday, so I couldn’t contain my excitement when I learned that we were gifted 12 brand-new songs from the Swedish icon.

Running around 35 minutes long, this album features guests ranging from Bladee, Ecco2k, and Thaiboy Digital to Skrillex and FKA Twigs, and every single person that joined Lean definitely contributed in a massive way to make this album as fantastic as possible. I have only had time to listen through this album once so far, but I loved what I heard and can’t wait to dive even deeper into the mind of Yung Lean, but while I wait for more opportunities to do so, I cold resist talking about his music video for “Bliss” which is the project’s opener featuring FKA Twigs.

Directed by Aidan Zamiri, this one stays consistent with most of Lean’s videos since it has a very lo-fi look and plenty of abstract, obscure items that just make it so intriguing to me. As it begins, Lean has a chauffer pull up to FKA Twig’s house picking her up in a wedding dress to go on a wild ride. From there, random yet compelling chaos ensues including motorcycles, horses, couches on cars, dogs, and tons of fun, making this one more intoxicating music video under the belt of the legendary emcee Yung Lean.