BLEACH – [ZillaKami] ft. [Denzel Curry]

Recently, it seems like I’ve been writing all about ZillaKami’s music, but you won’t hear me complaining about this even slightly. While I’ve been a fan of his for a while, it seems like I was somehow not realizing just how incredibly talented and versatile he is, so I’ve been fully consumed with his music in recent history. As for Denzel Curry, I feel as if he can fit into a similar vein as Kami, but he has shown that his ability to change styles and show off his dexterity is something that sets the two apart.

Either way, these two talents are no strangers to working together, but their most recent collaboration entitled “BLEACH” is truly a record that I haven’t stopped listening to since it was released yesterday, making it a song and music video combination that I had to talk about. Opening up with a very Nirvanna-esque guitar melody that’s combined with some tempo-setting drums and percussion, this instrumental is one that gives this tag team a perfect launching pad to go in whichever direction they please, and you know anything about these two artists, you know that they’re going to kill their verses.

As Kami comes in for the hook, he keeps his composure without allowing himself to go too far off the rails. At the same time, he uses this gritty, assertive delivery that could fit in on a beat like this or production that’s much more aggressive and ruthless, giving us some amazing bars that are full of personality and introspection.

When Denzel comes in, he shows off a similar vocal style that’s full of tenacity and insistence, but what I appreciate about this part of the song is his ability to rotate through various flows and cadences that provide some complexity and differentiation, giving us a nice change of pace before Kami’s final verse that rounds things out perfectly. This song is nothing short of incredible, and the JMP-directed music video is another nice addition to this release, making “BLEACH” a song and video combination that you need to check out sooner rather than later.