Blast Off – [Internet Money] ft. [Juice WRLD] & [Trippie Redd]

Last year when Internet Money was hyping up their insane album months prior to its release, I had no clue what they had up their sleeves. All I knew was the fact that they are a breeding ground for musical masterminds, so there were absolutely no second guesses in my mind about how incredible this project was going to be. Although the anticipation seemed to build for ages, once it was delivered, they provided us with an absolute masterpiece full of features including some of the biggest names in music intermingled with some of the industry’s most promising up and comers, making it an album that I still revisit constantly.

Although “Lemonade” was the single and it has obviously risen through the ranks as one of, if not the best songs that released last year, there are many other jams on the project that receive praise, and rightfully so. One of the most talked-about songs had to be “Blast Off” featuring the late, great Juice WRLD and Trippie Redd. Obviously, any posthumous verse from Juice is an absolute treat and a half, and his chemistry with Trippie has always been obvious, so this song was destined for greatness before it was even released.

Finally, and thankfully, IM teamed up with KDC Visions who directed and animated a compelling music video for the hit track. It opens up on Trippie making his way through a barren desert that contains certain otherworldly objects that seem to be from an alternate dimension. He looks into a telescope to check out what else was going on within the galaxy around his own planet before zooming in on a lovely lady who blows him a kiss, knocking him off of his feet. This excites the rapper, causing him to hop in a spaceship and literally blast off to find this girl, who happens to be on the same planet as Juice.

As Juice’s verse comes in, zombie-like creatures begin to emerge from the ground, chasing after him. This doesn’t faze him even slightly as he pulls out a couple of guns and begins to mow them down. This situation quickly becomes out of hand once the original girl that Trippie found turns out to be a giant demon, snatching Juice up from the ground and staring deep into his soul. Just when things seem to look unfavorable for Juice, Trippie’s rocket ship flies in out of nowhere before he hops out and blows a cloud of smoke from his blunt at her, bringing her back to normal and saving Juice from the dangerous situation.

All in all, this music video is a great addition to the legacy of an already unbelievable song. It obviously sucks that music videos featuring artists like Juice have to be creative and out of the box in his absence, but KDC Visions did a stupendous job bringing this track to life. I enjoyed the Fortnite-esque animation style that was used and it truly complimented the narrative of the record well, so at the end of the day, I think that the music video for “Blast Off” was definitely another successful release that can be added to the countless other offerings Internet Money has provided for us throughout the past couple of years. Make sure you tune in as soon as you can and keep streaming B4 The Storm like I will because I can’t wait to see what they have in store next.