bishop ford – [femdot]

It’s no secret that Chicago native femdot is like family to all of us here at Lyrical Lemonade, and it’s also common knowledge that he is one of the best spitters that the city has to offer, and today he is back with a brand new visual for “Bishop Ford”. This is a record that fem released a couple of months ago as a part of his BOGO 2-packs, and it’s been well received by fans this far, so you just knew a music video was going to follow. Fem connected with fellow Chicagoan Jon Levert who directed this visual, and if you know anything about their prior work together, they just seem to understand the assignment every single time that they connect. The rest of 2021 is going to prove to be pivotal for fem, his fans are ready for more new music and it seems to be on the horizon.

produced by gold haze x blvvk