Xanarchy’s own $teven Cannon has a track record of movie-like visuals including the Cole Bennett-directed cut for InXanity back in November, and he has now joined forces with LakaFilms bringing to life one of his latest joints titled Birthday. Setting the scene in a kitchen with a baddie, Cannon looks to be baking a birthday cake with her before she adds an unknown substance to the ingredients. Then shortly after she leaves, he tries the finished product being the cake and ends up hitting the floor dead in his own kitchen. Pretty dark experience for such an exciting event in a birthday, but I guess that’s what you get for messing with ‘fake girls’ which he preaches on in the track. There’s no question the Xanarchy gang is one of the most promising in hip-hop, and if you’re not yet put on $teven Cannon get in-tune with his Birthday visual below!