Billy Hatcher! – [Braxton Knight]

The influence that Braxton Knight has provided over the grander underground hip-hop/pop landscape has been as unfounded as it is underrated, Never one to directly conform to any sort of trend, and certainly never one to put his own career ahead of his contemporaries as far as his priorities are concerned, he has carved a place for himself in today’s scene as something of a steady figure whose talents are often underappreciated. 


But for those that are truly in the know as far as the type of artist that Braxton truly is and the incredible foresight he’s had over how music has come to be known in the underground, it’s so obvious why each and every single he drops ends up proving these facts over and over again.


His latest single “Billy Hatcher!” is the latest reminder of this sentiment and its repeated occurrences. Seemingly every trend that the underground has laid claim to – bouncing and carefree hip-hop stylistics, a convincing pop ethos, and so much more – has at least somewhat stemmed from the work he’s continued to put in for so long now, and this track puts all of these things on full display.


“Billy Hatcher!” is a short, concise, yet entirely addictive single that wastes no time in presenting itself for what it is. Braxton gives a relentless performance on the mic with an all-too-captivating energy about himself — utilizing a steady and consistent flow to deliver his clever and entertaining wordplay for the song’s entire runtime. 


This is all done over an instrumental that is just as gripping as Braxton’s own mic work — with both Zoot and ddertbAg crafting a beat that is just as eclectic as it is simple. 


Again it must be said that making songs as superb and entertaining as “Billy Hatcher!” is nothing new for Braxton Knight, and time after time and track after track, they just go to show that the veterans of this scene often have a different touch than some of the newer figures that have come to rise under them. But even with that being said, Braxton has continued to produce these outstanding offerings, and that certainly will not be changing any time soon.