BigSmokeChapo – Maharishi

Music has always been a major part of Clayton County artist BigSmokeChapo’s uprising since he was two years old. During his childhood, Chapo was exposed to his father’s career as a rapper, which inspired him to try out his talents in the booth. A few years later, Chapo craft caught the eyes of Lil Yachty, Trippie Redd, and Destroy Lonely. His sound is a combination of hip-hop and trap that keep his fans eager for me. To start the year, Chapo released his latest single “Maharishi,” the perfect rage record.

“To me, this song and video is a reset. Not just for the culture but for me also. It’s showing the brand and how I’m coming this time around. Separating myself from the gangsta rapper image I’m known for, but still having that street niche in it because I’m from that,” Chapo explained to me. “But I’m so much more than that. It brings that rage, mosh-type vibe that I love, and overall it’s just a feel-good song. I made this song for people to wake up, put that fit on, and feel confident going outside. Live in that confidence.”

The record visual showcases a party with Chapo performing, and fans engaging in a moshpit to his song. I found myself rocking back and forth and turning up along with the music as I couldn’t contain my excitement for the song. This year fans can expect more music, more shows, and much more consistency with his music. “Maharishi,” is now available on all streaming platforms.