Big Hot Cheeto – [Sada Baby]

A lot of times as artists begin to gain larger and larger fan bases, their music output tends to slow down because they’ve got a bigger sample of people they simply want to please. As far as Sada Baby is concerned, this doesn’t even cross his mind because he knows the fact that no matter how much music he puts out, he knows he’s going to make some fire. Even though he has put out a couple of full projects already this year as well as a slew of singles and music videos, he just never seems to slow down which is even more impressive because of the unbelievable amount of energy he brings to each track.

Just as the weekend was about to hit, Sada decided to bless fans once again with another random loosie entitled “Big Hot Cheeto”. When I first came across this song on his Instagram page, obviously the name caught my attention and made me chuckle a bit, but then I listened to the song and realized this was absolutely no laughing matter. There are momentous, critical synths combined with deep bass chords in the beat that add some hostility to the base of this instrumental that eventually gets leveled up by the hats and drums that come in and kick things up a notch. As Sada starts to rap, his personality is evident, but he offers a lot more of a reserved disposition at the beginning. The aggression within his voice makes it clear that the themes he’s talking about aren’t things you want to question, and you can tell he’s serious about every single word he spits. At certain points, he does raise the enthusiasm in his delivery slightly, but he never truly yells or goes completely haywire as he has been known to do in the past if you’ve tuned into his music before this track. Lyrically, he doesn’t stray too far from the usual topics of violence, explicitly detailed sexual encounters, and drugs, but Sada always knows how to incorporate these things through entertaining innuendos and wordplays.

He even decided to expand on this song and gift us with a music video as well, so there’s even more reason to respect his insane work ethic. As the video opens up, one of his friends seems to be showing up to a block party of some sort as he shows off a bottle of liquor and preparing himself for the wild function that’s about to ensue. There are people strewn about all over this street, and for some reason, certain cars are still trying to get through the crowd. They don’t make it easy, however, jumping on certain vehicles and dancing around them even as the cops show up to drive through as well. Various groups of people are shown hanging out on the front steps of houses, on balconies, on front lawns, and all over other parts of the block. Sada makes his way around to these different areas, dancing with different people, spitting his bars for the camera, fanning out stacks of hundreds, and just vibing out with all the different attendees of this event. We even get to see some of his trademark dance moves which is always my favorite part of and visual that Sada plays a part in. As far as effects are concerned, there are just a few but they’re used tastefully and add some differentiation to the video. One of these is just a red filter that’s put over the scene at certain moments, and the other shows different scenes in a sort of grainy, rustic frame that makes the clip look like it’s being shown on a film reel.

I know that most people might look at Atlanta, LA, or New York as the main Rap music hubs in the country, but Detroit is rapidly proving a point as to why they need way more credit than they’re receiving. Every day, I find out about a new and incredible artist that just pops up whether they’re featured in songs I like or another artist from the city mentions something about them on social media. It’s also crazy to me how these artists have a fairly notable following already, but they’re still not getting their music raved about nearly as much as they deserve. I’ve said it before that Sada Baby is definitely one of these artists and I’ll say it again until he gets the recognition he deserves, but there’s a reason why he’s probably my favorite artist coming out of the Motor City. “Big Hot Cheeto” might not be his overall best song, but it definitely puts some of his many skills on display and proves once again that he’s absolutely a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, so make sure you tune in to the new single if you haven’t already.