Big Boss Rabbit – [Freddie Gibbs]

Although Freddie Gibbs might’ve lost Best Rap Album at the Grammys by a hair to the legendary Nas, he decided he still wanted to show the man some respect and did so by putting his own spin on the 2001 Stillmatic hit “You’re Da Man” in his brand-new song entitled “Big Boss Rabbit”. Opening up, you can hear some inspiring synths or violins of some sort before the crispiest percussion and pounding drums enter into the picture for a foundation that is almost too perfect for Freddie.

As soon as these elements come into play, Freddie also begins to spit some ruthlessly uninterrupted bars like only he knows how. His voice is deep and smooth as we’ve grown used to hearing from the impressive veteran, yet there’s something about this song that just sounds even more buttery than ever before. There’s just something about his effortless delivery with his low tone of voice that works so well with the higher-pitched parts of the melody, tying everything together for another awesome single.

Along with this new song comes a music video that is directed by JMP, and although he doesn’t take us to Miami or any other wild and exotic places as he has done in recent memory, he still proves that he steals the show everywhere he goes. At first, he hangs out in the studio with some of the homies while other scenes show him surrounded by old school cars that are so clean, they look as if they haven’t touched the streets once. Later on, one of the most flex-worthy shots takes place as a group of friends hang out playing pool, and while they’re keeping themselves entertained, Freddie hangs out in an overlooking room with a stripper pole that some half-naked women are dancing on as the rapper showers them with cash.

Although I definitely listened to Alfredo personally much more than I listened to King’s Disease, I can’t hate on Nas’s win by any means, and obviously neither can Freddie. He even says in a line in this track that they went to the Grammys after-parties and celebrated as if they won, so I definitely appreciate and respect the nod Freddie gives Nas on this one. While it still appears as if Freddie is riding high off of the success that Alfredo received, you already know he’s staying locked into the studio and focused on his next move. So while I’m excited to see what’s to come, I’m even more excited to run “Big Boss Rabbit” back time and time again for the foreseeable future.