Big Bank – [Marjety] [Xhulooo]

A while back, I featured an artist by the name of Xhulooo on our pages with the melodic drill song “xoxo.” In the months since, I’ve kept a close eye on the tight-knit community surrounding the rising talent, which has led me to one of my favorite recent discoveries: Marjety, and his new single “Big Bank” alongside Xhulooo, himself.

Two and a half minutes in length, “Big Bank” is bright and melodic as can be, following a rollercoaster of 808s and sun-soaked melodies with a barrage of money-minded lyrics. Marjety sets the bar of energy high to kick off the song, and Xhulooo comes in with the second verse, matching this energy and proving the two to be a dynamic duo in the making. The chemistry is there, the song is massively exciting, and all in all, “Big Bank” is a deeply enjoyable listen, tied together with lyrics so catchy that they beg you to listen back.

Marjety is one of the most exciting new talents I’ve come across, and “Big Bank” is a colorful display of the potential that he holds. Be sure to check this one out at the link below:

Produced by Iankon