BGB – [Keshore] [Prod. Eem Triplin]

There are more than a handful of notable groups in the rap world, and fans know that when they release music, it most likely includes everyone in the collective. On the other hand, artists who go on tour together typically can’t help but get close and become true homies, ultimately resulting in making music with one another. While they might not consider themselves in an official “group”, their musical styles typically rub off on one another, and magic is made quite often.

For Keshore, he has been running with $NOT and his squad for years and considering they have made some songs that are undeniable hits, I was just waiting for Ke to team up with another homie on the road. Of course, I’m talking about Eem Triplin, a producer and rapper who has not only paved the way for some of $NOT’s biggest songs but someone who has also been making absolute waves over the past year or so in his own rap career. To wrap up this tangent, I came across Ke’s song “BGB” which was produced by Eem, and man, it is everything I had ever hoped for and more.

The beat is simply intoxicating, leaking into your ear drums before traveling right to the part of your brain that makes you want to get up and dance. Ke shows off why he isn’t someone to take lightly, either, because his flows are just so catchy and infectious as he spits with buoyancy, confidence, and a hint of attitude that provides some flair to the party. I also loved the music video that came along with this jam, because Ke takes us on a tour of the depths of the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado.

Not only that but it’s completely filmed in one shot, beginning in the stands and ending all the way deep in the bowels of the Rocks, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at a place that is number one on my list of dream venues to see a concert at (hopefully sooner rather than later). As the years have gone on, I realize more and more just how essential Keshore’s music is as he continues releasing songs, so even though this one isn’t on Spotify currently, it’s a song that’s worth pulling up the video for as often as I need to in order to get my fix.