BET Uncut – [Madeintyo] ft. [Chance the Rapper] & [Smino]

Although Madeintyo has been making music for years, it seems like his spotlight has possibly dimmed somewhat recently after dropping massive hits like “Uber Everywhere” and “Skateboard P”. It’s tough to keep pumping out bangers such as those time and time again, but that doesn’t mean that tyo isn’t consistently making great music still to this day. Just take his latest hit “BET Uncut”, which also includes superstars such as Chance the Rapper and Smino to give their spin on the homage-paying single.

Tyo also recruits his friend and frequent collaborator K Swisha to produce this track, where he utilizes ambient synths, pounding 808s, and crisp, lighthearted percussion to pave the way for a light and airy offering. Tyo’s voice is calm and smooth as his subdued delivery shines through flawlessly. Although his words might come off in a nonchalant, unphased disposition, his ad-libs are much more energetic, adding even more liveliness to the track, per usual.

His lines are consistently spread out as he boasts a delivery that takes things one bar at a time, providing some regularity to the hook that continues into his first verse. As Chance hypes himself up prior to going in for his verse, his trademark ad-libs begin playing in the distance as tyo rounds out another chorus. When he does come in, his cadence is playful and spirited which is only elevated by the changes of intonation within his voice that simply bounces along on the upbeat production seamlessly. His flow never really switches up throughout his portion, but it’s as good-natured as it is memorable, so additional cadences aren’t really necessary in order for his verse to linger in your mind.

After another hook, Smino comes in with a cloudy, dreamy delivery that is much more melodic than his counterparts, and every single line just floats off into the distance in an amiable, entertaining manner. He continues this tunefulness throughout his part, but towards the end, he begins to speed up certain aspects of his cadence, providing differentiation to his already captivating verse before tyo gifts us with one more chorus to lead us out of the record.

Once again, it’s nearly impossible to keep dropping hit after hit, but just because this might not be an anthem that’ll get plays in the club or at parties doesn’t mean it’s not an awesome song. Tyo’s unconcerned delivery couples perfectly with the easy-going instrumental and the features fit in perfectly. It has been quite some time since I’ve paid attention to Chance’s music, and even though he recently dropped a record with Justin Bieber, I just haven’t felt as compelled as I once did to check out all of the new music he drops, but his verse on this track suggests otherwise. Smino is probably the artist whom I’ve kept up with the most over the years, and for good reason, and his part in this song proves why he’s one of the best and most underrated artists in the entire industry. “BET Uncut” is the perfect single to put you in a good mood and get you through the rest of the week, so make sure you tune in as soon as you get a chance.