best friends-[prettyboyshav]

There are certain individuals whose sole purpose is to serve. In a world that’s all about “I”, it is a breath of fresh air when you come across someone who is more concerned with the well being of others above anything else. These are the types on individuals that I try to gravitate towards. At the end of the day, when you strip away jobs, money and societal constructs, all we’re left with is our relationships with people; and it is our job to steward those relationships well.

A guy who knows this concept all too well, is making it onto the page of Lyrical Lemonade to be celebrated not only for his music but for the person he is. prettyboyshav’s journey in music has been anything but ordinary and nothing shy of spectacular. Growing up as an Indian Immigrant, life for Shav looked inexplicably different; something that the young boy knew but something that would prove itself to be a catapult rather than a hinderance. Affirmation amongst his family was a driving force that led him to where he is today. “You are krishna. you are chosen. you are our sunshine boy…” These words of encouragement from his loved ones ultimately laid the foundation for Shav to dream big without reservation while believing in himself through the process of self discovery and artist discovery…

You may know Shav as the Co-Founder of indify, but those closest to him know him simply as a person who wants to help make things better. 5 years ago, Shav was on a college stage pitching an idea to a panel of sharks that included Jessica Alba and MC Hammer. An idea that would revolutionize the way we go about artist discovery and the impact it could make on the music industry. That idea ended up becoming indify: The ground breaking artist empowerment platform that has already played a huge role in the industry and will do so much more in the years to come. This desire to change the landscape of how we predict the next stars was motivated by the same thing that kids in his 2nd grade classroom laughed at him for…being different. From the moment Shav left India, all the way to the point of making it to America, by way of Malaysia and Singapore, he knew he was different; which in turn motivated him to do things differently. This perspective shift is the reason why we get to celebrate him on our page today.

At this point in the story, it would be acceptable to assume Shav is nothing more than a future CEO, but nothing is truly as it seems. Like I said earlier, You may know Shav as the Co-Founder of Indify, but now you get to know him as the artist, prettyboyshav. On top of paving the way for young creatives, the New York native is an active creative himself and today it is our pleasure to feature him for his brand new song called, “best friends”. Just recently, Shav dropped an album that has been widely celebrated by fans and tastemakers alike. To have a career in music and a career in business do not have to be mutually exclusive in the eyes of Shav and it’s inspiring to see him excelling in both at the same time.

To touch on “best friends” a little more, I was able to talk with the rising star on what this bonus track was about. He explained, 

“I wrote this song about the incredible moments i’ve been lucky to have with my best friends. i’ve known matt (matt pavia, CTO & cofounder) and connor (Connor Lawrence, CMO & cofounder) for longer than i remember and the journey we’re on building indify is something i wouldn’t trade for the world. proud and grateful to fight alongside you both every day towards creating a more fair world for artists…”

The song itself is truly a masterpiece as I have not been able to get it out of my head. The upbeat track produced by Mike Irish from Shifted Recording does not drop off at any point but instead, continues to build momentum until the last second. Mike did an amazing job of creating a dynamic yet light hearted canvas that Shav could use to create this work of art. prettyboyshav nailed this release as it truly touches on whats most important in life; The relationships you keep. What’s most impressive about Shav’s journey isn’t the success but rather his ability to do it with his friends while maintaining his grounding. “best friends” is available everywhere, but I’ve attached the Spotify link down below. If you’re lucky enough to listen to this song, make sure you reach out to Shav and congratulate him on an amazing piece of art. Enjoy!