Bentayga Dust – [SKIIFALL]

A few weeks back, I was introduced to SKIIFALL via “Ting Tun Up” — a YAMA//SATO-produced release centered around slice-of-life lyricism and soul-soaked production, which was followed up with an equally impressive sequel: “Ting Tun Up Part II” featuring UK artist Knucks. As seems to be the case with many listeners, SKIIFALL’s thoughtful songwriting and charmed voice kept me coming back to both songs, which eventually led me to his most recent effort: “Bentayga Dust.”

With a title inspired by the Bentley Bentayga car, SKIIFALL’s latest is a bit darker than “Ting Tun Up,” building upon an echoed vocal sample, hard-nosed percussion, and occasional brass complements courtesy of producer Xav Leon. The flows and vocal tones etch themselves into the fabric of this almost haunting sound, while the accompanying visuals — directed by Don’t Grow Up Too Fast — take viewers on a cinematic journey around snow-covered Montreal, where SKIIFALL hails from. Meanwhile, the rising talent’s brilliantly-vivid lyrics develop a picture of life in SKIIFALL’s shoes, while car references and movie-like descriptiveness maximize the memorability of the release and its effect.

Between “Ting Tun Up” parts 1 and 2 and now “Bentayga Dust,” SKIIFALL is quickly establishing himself as a voice to get familiar with, representing his area with illustrative songwriting and charisma-tinted deliveries. Montreal has something special on its hands, which is why it should come as no wonder that Louis Vuitton used an unreleased song from SKIIFALL for one of their new campaign videos.

“Bentayga Dust” is just the beginning, so get tuned in with SKIIFALL by checking this one out at the link below:

Produced by Xav Leon
Directed by Don’t Grow Up Too Fast
Styled by Megz Dib