It’s always funny to think of the potentially-classic songs that artists never release, unbeknownst to the world. Thankfully, in today’s day and age, the non-album cuts aren’t always stashed away forever. Especially with more casual platforms like SoundCloud to release music on, demos and random throwaways sometimes make it to the light, meant for the fans who are engaged enough to dig beyond an artist’s streaming catalog. While not meant to generate any revenue, these demos speak to the progression in an artist’s career, and are often the Easter eggs that make being a fan that much more fun. JUSTEND recently blessed us with just this, offering up a 2017 throwaway called “Believers.”

Produced by moflo music, “Believers” is a heartfelt release, swinging across the vine of its ever-infectious hook. JUSTEND’s lyrics ooze of sincerity, and best of all, his cadences speak to an equally-impassioned sense for delivery. These elements, mixed with the song’s motivational message, all come together for a moment of reflection, reminding us how far JUSTEND has come and likewise, how far he’s meant to go. If there’s one way to start the year off, it’s to take a look back for a second, just to remind yourself of where your current ambitions came from. “Believers” might have been a throwaway in 2017, but I’m glad this one gets to see the light of day.

Peep JUSTEND’s 2017 track below!