LL intern
LL intern
12 Feb 2020

On Meek’s Instagram when he dropped the song Believe, he said this is for motivational purposes only. When I thought about it, I can’t remember a time when Meek isn’t trying to motivate and give people light in dark situations. That’s why he has always been one of my favorite people in the industry let alone the artist because he understands the platform he has been given and uses it to inspire much more than just himself.

What’s also crazy about this song is he got Justin Timberlake to hop on it and I can’t remember that last time JT has been on a public record even though I’m sure he is song-writing and working on music all the time. The collab reminded me a little bit like the one with Jay-Z ft. Justin on Holy Grail or T.I. with Dead & Gone… completely different tracks but having a singer like him jump on a chorus in a rap track with empowering verses is amazing.

The video is nothing short of a true dramatic film directed by Maxime Quoilin which contains real-life experiences that people go through such as addiction, prison, and being motivated to be a better person than your environment. At this point Meek is much bigger than music and has been for a long time, he is making calculated moves for the progression of humanity and I think we all could pay attention.

Stream the song or watch the video below.

Words by Jacob Laing