Behind The Track: C-Moski

We’re back again with the Lyrical Lemonade: Behind The Track feature. This week I decided to put the spotlight on C-Moski from Memphis, Tennessee. Moski always had an ear for music, however, he didn’t pursue his career as a producer until his thriving football career came to an end. Sometimes, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Thanks to Blac Youngsta and Ju his manager, Moski had the opportunity to become a part of Heavy Camp and produce three records on ‘Fu*k Everybody 2’ in 2018. Moski began to gain more recognition in 2021 after linking up with 1017 hottest artists on the rise, Pooh Shiesty.

Moski is the face behind Pooh Shiesty’s smash Hit “Neighbors” featuring BIG30. This song received over 62 million views on Youtube and went on to become RIAA certified gold on May 27, 2021. The following year, “Neighbors” went platinum on January 18, 2022.

I had the opportunity to learn more about C-Moski and his growth throughout the years. Check our interview out below.

Lyrical Lemonade: Where did you grow up?

North Memphis, Douglass & Raleigh areas. 

Lyrical Lemonade: Were you always involved with music growing up? Or was it something you became involved in overtime? 

I always used to have an ear for music and only listen to the beat of a song. I started making music in 2016 when I thought my football career was over. So, I would say something in overtime. 

Lyrical Lemonade: Describe the feeling of creating your very first beat. 

When I made my first beat, that mf was some of the weakest sh*t ever when I listen to it now. But at the time I thought it was slamming. You know how it is when you do some for the first time and hear or see it later. I was thinking I was doing some, but no one could rap on it. 

Lyrical Lemonade: Who are some OG producers you grew up on that might have influenced the producers who are today?

DJ Zirk, DJ Squeeky, DJ Paul, Drumma Boy, Metro Boomin, Kanye, Zaytoven.It’s a couple more, but these are the ones off top. 

Lyrical Lemonade: What was the first big break through you had with your beats?

The first breakthrough I had in the city, started with a Memphis group formerly known as Fast Cash Boyz. We had dropped a single called Smooth Criminal which was very hot around the city in that era. Then my sound elevated. My first breakthrough in the industry started with Blac Youngsta. He and my manager Ju helped put that situation together which led to me becoming Heavy Camp. 

Lyrical Lemonade: How did you get involved with working with Pooh Shiesty? Did you know what type of beats he would like, or did you guys have to go through a few?

It started with me meeting his Pops through my teammate on the Memphis Express at the time. I came up to his spot out south a few times chopping up business and he eventually found out I made beats. We ended up having a session where he heard some beats that might fit Pooh and we locked in afterwards. We eventually had a session with Pooh, where I dropped him off like a 5 pack of beats. Around this time Pooh wasn’t taking it as serious and he was doing his thang elsewhere, but eventually started to do so when he started seeing that everybody was rocking with him. 

Lyrical Lemonade: What would you say is the most difficult part about being a producer?

Most difficult part is inclining when you’re at a plateau and learning to keep your cool when the industry sh*t starts happening. Some artists will turn their back when you helped them out. Artists will have their producer remake your shit, producers try to sound just like you, labels don’t want to clear your beat for whatever reason, labels don’t want to pay you, artists don’t want to pay you, envy, jealousy. Your normal industry sh*t. 

Lyrical Lemonade: You had the opportunity to work with Dess Dior and Black youngsta. How are you able to land placements like this?

The product will sell itself but also, the key is to get away from behind that computer sometimes and do some ground work. You might have to go to areas you are not comfortable at, parties, events, venues, etc. I landed my placements with Dess through my dog Nick at DOA. She was rocking with the beats I was sending when they first were trying to debut her. With Youngsta, that’s like a brother to me. My manager Ju put me through with that move to begin and we just started going crazy. I signed to Youngsta. 

He was the only industry artist that gave me a shot when I was reaching out to artists. He heard the potential. I used to pull up in his hood in the south and tap in with what they had going, DJ for him, be on the road, etc. Sometimes shit could have gone far left, could have been arrested, robbed, shot, etc. But I walked through those areas without fear. It was just me and they embraced it. To sum it all, you gotta embrace the process and get out the house and off the porch to get noticed and have placements. 

Lyrical Lemonade: Why do you think producers don’t always get the credit they deserve in this industry?

We don’t get the credit we deserve because it’s another producer selling himself short and doesn’t know the worth of his creativity. As a whole, if we’d fight more for rights and make them realize we’re just as important as the artist then we’ll get a little more respect. I feel that producers should carry themselves as an artist would and maybe we’ll get more recognition. 

Lyrical lemonade: What is the biggest difference between a producer and an engineer?

A producer is an all around guy in my eyes. He’s not limited to just making beats. He’s the guy that gives the song direction and adds the theory behind the track. He/she will damn near make the beat, engineer it, give the artist direction, and dissect the track. An engineer hits records and mixes the song. He doesn’t make the beat. 

Lyrical Lemonade: For up and coming producers, what is the biggest piece of advice you can offer?

Be yourself, YOUR creativity is more valuable than you think. Get out the house, get you some fresh air and get in tune. Invest in yourself and stop selling yourself short. Lastly, when you’re at a standstill, beat block, or lack of motivation; keep pushing through. It’s a part of the process. 

Lyrical Lemonade: Who are some artists you hope to work with in your career?

Drake, Future, Kanye, Ella Mai, Roddy Rich, Kevin Gates.