Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
2 Oct 2019

Having recently made his Lyrical Lemonade debut with “In My Head,” Atlanta native Hayes is best recognizable by the near-therapeutic nature of his music. Trudging through the most difficult of times, his honesty is what leads such a notable charge toward self-progression, and in the process, it’s the vividness of his lyrics that give them such an impactful sense of direction. Today, here to build on the prowess of his last single, the budding talent is back once again with “Been Down.”

Kicking things off with the line “I’ve been down so bad, I can’t think straight,” “Been Down” is an admittance of imperfection, leaving nothing to spare in its declarations of Hayes’ roughest internal struggles. Steered by a sense of longing toward a love interest, he collects his thoughts under the guiding light of a simplistic, plucking instrumental, and along the way, he balances the turbulence inside with an intriguing account of how he tries to look put together on the outside, despite how he truly feels.

This ability to paint emotion in such an unaltered manner is what makes Atlanta’s own so exciting. As I mentioned in my last writeup about him, there’s a certain healing power to music that really lays it all out on the line, and with the confessional manner of “Been Down,” it’s clear that Hayes might just fit into this category. Don’t just take my word for it, though — stream “Been Down” below!

Produced by Barry