Been Cold – [Your Grandparents]

At the very core of any debut project is a proper introduction to its creators. It’s an opportunity for us to learn about our favorite artists and witness their creative vision in a format longer than a single, and furthermore, it’s a chance to delve deeper into our understanding of the direction in which the given artist is headed. Doing all this and more, a group by the name of Your Grandparents is here today with their debut EP, Been Cold.

Before clicking play on this one, the word “been” in the title struck me for a moment. This is the first project from Your Grandparents, yet “been” arrives with a connotation of seniority and experience, so I had to see whether or not the project lived up to the hype. Spoiler alert: yes, yes it did — and then some.

7 tracks long, Been Cold feels less like a collection of songs than it does a full body of work, immediately indicating the immense thought and care that went into expanding the Your Grandparents vision. Beyond this, the structure of the project is quite impressive, as well, kicking things off with two lush, slower tracks while gradually building up energy throughout the project. The progression of the music makes perfect sense in this light, and quite frankly, this project is hard to take your eyes away from. It’s entertaining, it doesn’t flatline or lose steam at any point, and above all, it’s well-executed, inimitably smooth, and easy to throw on repeat.

Needless to say, Your Grandparents certainly kicked off what will surely be a prosperous career on the right foot, so don’t sleep. Check out the new project below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Early Favorites: “Groove,” “Sweeter Things”