Be This Way – [OMB Peezy]

Whether you pay close attention to the world of Rap music or are just a casual listener, it’s fairly clear to say that OMB Peezy was one of the biggest winners of 2020. He was one of the most consistent artists in general constantly releasing songs and accompanying visuals, yet for some reason, people continue to sleep on him.

In order to get the year started off on the right foot, he decided to gift fans with a brand-new song called “Be This Way” along with another music video as well, unsurprisingly. DrumDummie produced this masterpiece, incorporating tickling piano riffs coupled with more poignant chords, crisp, constantly refreshing percussion, and one of the most powerful drumlines you’ll hear all week. Peezy is known for being dexterous and sounding great no matter what style he opts to go with, and this record is absolutely no different. Despite the fact that he decides to use a much more melodic, tuneful delivery, he doesn’t leave his lyricism or bars in the dust, mashing his hasty lyrics with his incredibly moving vocals that can and will give anyone who is struggling hope that they’ll make it out of their situation.

In the ShotByCammJBoyd-directed music video, the settings that are used aren’t necessarily the most outrageous or unheard-of places to record a video, but various edits provide some incredible complexity to the party while Peezy’s distinct charisma brings everything full circle. Some of the regular scenes include Peezy recording in the studio, outside in and in front of his car, or just chilling on his couch. While this might seem regular or plain to most outsiders looking in, the floating effects and animations bring new life to the table, outlining certain luxury garments, emphasizing certain lyrics he recites, and complementing the record seamlessly. Aside from the animations, the transitions from shot to shot are equally as appealing as flames, explosions, and flashes take us from one setting to another in a perfectly fluent, interrupting fashion.

It seems like OMB Peezy isn’t going to be changing things up too much ringing in the new year when it comes to his overflow of releases, and that’s something that fans not only enjoy but rejoice about. It’s not often that an artist can drop new music as consistently as Peezy while still maintaining the same quality and superiority that his music possesses, so although he has already begun to blow up, it’s not long before he’s going to be the artist that everyone is talking about. Obviously, he’s well on his way to becoming the superstar that early adopters have always predicted, and “Be This Way” is another extremely strong addition to his sonic repertoire, so make sure you get in tune with the brand-new single and music video as soon as you get the chance.