Chuck Ramos
Chuck Ramos
11 Oct 2019

The dynamic ability of the Ottawa-based duo Garçons returns with their new seven-track EP, Be Human. Their latest marvel in genre-bending is a towering example of this group’s ability to create freely, disregarding preconceived ideas of what can and cannot be. To no surprise, at least in my opinion, Garçons has successfully delivered another jaw-dropping exhibition of their ever-evolving musical brilliance.

Garçons’ overarching theme of “being human” comes alive in the 25-minute genre-bending expedition of their new EP. Applying the core foundation of the group’s credo, band members Deelo and Julian Strangelove concoct a stellar showcasing of not only their unhinged creativity but their ability to package that sprawling spark into something cohesive. Each record comes to life on this project, from the guitar-led opening of “Ladybug,” the funk-soaked nature of “Firestarter” and electronic pulsating of “Froggin” – there is something for everybody. This commitment to versatility and true unfiltered expression is no easy feat, both members must shrug off the implied pressures of creating music in this industry to remain steadfast in their crusade for authenticity. Groups like these are far and few in between, meaning when you hear something this eclectic you pay attention. Garçons’ attempt to not only showcase who they are as people but musicians can be considered an undeniable success allowing listeners of all musical palates the chance to discover something that stirs them – the only requirement is to be human. Read what the dynamic duo said about their new EP below, 

“Every song on the project is so different from the next, and because of that it paints the entire spectrum of our experimentation and moments of self-discovery over the past year. It’s a kind of a full circle moment since the first song we ever made together was called ‘Be Human’. This was years ago before we started the band. There were no expectations, just two kids making music. We wanted to come back to that feeling, regardless of what direction the song took. Being as human as possible is what we strive for – it’s the foundation of our personalities and the music we make together.”

Listen to Be Human by Garçons below and make sure to show them your support by following them on Twitter and Instagram.