Barbie – [Je$$e]

It’s been a couple of months now and I just can’t seem to get Je$$e’s “Barbie” out of my head. It’s the hook that makes this song such an enticing record. The visuals for this record are also what makes this song unique too as the rising video production team Soul Serum took on the task of bringing “Barbie” to life. It may end up looking a little creepy at first with all the different Barbies walking and floating around. However, those shots combined with the other scenes of Je$$e in the dollhouse they really came up with a dope video concept overall. I believe if this song were to catch the wind to the TikTok and meme page crowd it could blow up to be something huge just from how catchy the hook is. “Barbie” is the only song Je$$e has on DSPs so far he has plenty of room to grow as an artist. This next single should be a good indicator of how he plans to build his sound out from this first record.

Watch this unique video from Soul Serum on Je$$e’s new record “Barbie” after the break.