What has been incredible to watch over the past few years is artists at the top of their game really bringing up talent and setting them up for success in a major way. Two of the most exciting talents to rise up in the past year are XO’s 88GLAM and YSL’s Lil Keed, which pretty much goes without saying at this point. It makes sense that as 88GLAM gears up for their third project, that they would join forces with Keed to show the world exactly what the future will be sounding like.

88GLAM have long been a favorite of mine, long before the artists formed the group their solo releases still get plays from me on the regular. Their sound has developed immensely over the years, their chemistry is otherworldly and that is evident when Derek Wise and 88camino trade verses back and forth effortlessly like they’re sparring. Keed fits in perfectly, using his roaring voice to give the track a different sound entirely.

What’s amazing is to see Derek and 88camino branch out of Toronto, recording this song with Keed in Atlanta. This jump across the border is what takes Canadian artists from being beloved in their own country to bonafide international superstars. Their resume is already stacked with hits but their next project is sure to shoot them into the stratosphere.

Listen to “Bankroll” on all platforms here!