Bang Bang – [Chief Keef] & [Mike WiLL Made-It]

If you don’t think that Chief Keef is a pioneer in Rap music or that he played the main role in the current sound of music in the genre, then I don’t know what else to say. At the young age of 16, he took the city of Chicago, and eventually, the entire country by storm with his insanely unique and out of the box style, and others were all too quick to follow. He has been cited time and time again by the new age of rappers as being one of if not their biggest influence, and he has undoubtedly changed the way we look at music today. While people claim he fell off or he just isn’t making as high quality of music nowadays, I beg to differ. He puts out so much that sure, some gems can get lost in the overflow, but there are still numerous gems regardless.

He has teamed up with hitmaker Zaytoven in the past for a few projects, and it looks like iconic producer Mike WiLL Made-It is up next to make some magic with the legend. I’m not sure what the name of the project is going to be or when it’s going to release, but I do know that they dropped off a single called “Bang Bang”, and it got me very excited to see what else this dynamic duo is going to cook up with one another. Mike WiLL begins the beat with some mysterious synths, prodding percussive elements, some tapping bells, and pungent drums that create a very intriguing base for Chief Keef’s personality to shine as it always does.

As he begins his first verse, he spits some words and gives a brief moment for them to linger before he comes in on an offbeat and unapologetically finishes each line. As each bar does culminate, background ad-libs speak the same lyrics, highlighting them and making the rhymes truly stand out more than ever. His demeanor is nonchalant and arrogant in the best possible way and it’s this attitude that provides even more intriguing elements than ever before. As this verse progresses, little hints of piano begin to tiptoe in the distance, adding a feeling of insecurity and danger that back up his lyrics flawlessly. He never seems to rush any of his words as they just roll off of his tongue, and it’s his many years perfecting his craft that leads to this naturalness in his delivery.

For the chorus, he literally just repeats the title of the song over and over again as enigmatic synths enter into the picture, and as he spits these words, his nostalgic personality is on full display as lively ad-libs bring new energy to the party. In the second verse, he speeds up his cadence and provides new life and sound to the offering, heightening the already appealing single. As we move on throughout the song, Sosa hits us with constant topics related to violence, drugs, and the lavish lifestyle he lives, but he includes some specific flexes and wordplays that are as appealing as they are comical at certain points.

For everyone who complains that he somehow fell off for whatever reasons you’ve expressed, I challenge you to play this song and continue to tell me that he lost any of his skills. This is such a nostalgic offering that brings me back to the old Chief Sosa days when he was the hottest artist out, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the project brings. Considering Mike WiLL typically makes club bangers and anthems for some of the biggest names in the industry, I was not expecting such a gritty, hard-nosed instrumental from the household producer. I can say with confidence that he delivered because he knows exactly the kind of style of beat that Keef needs to thrive, and he provided him with the perfect foundation. Once again, I have no clue what the name of the project is going to be or when it’s going to arrive, but I’m prepared for it and I’m undoubtedly anticipating it with very high hopes after this single. “Bang Bang” is the name of this slapper, and you need to give it a spin as soon as you find some time, you certainly won’t regret it.