Bands in Da Basement – [03 Greedo] ft. [Chief Keef]

It’s still hard to fathom the fact that 03 Greedo is going to be locked up for so many more years to come. I never really got into his music until I saw how big of a deal his legal situation was and how much he meant to so many people, but ever since I tuned in, I was enthralled with his sound. He’s so dexterous and can provide so many different styles, but what’s even more impressive beyond this was the fact that each and every experimental style he’d try out was successful. Looking at the glass half full rather than half empty, at least his insanely incredible and impressive work ethic before going to prison was enough to leave fans with an archive of thousands of new songs that can be released periodically over the years. Just when I thought Greedy Greedo couldn’t get any more legendary, Chief Keef hopped on a track and transcended the South-Central icon from just a rapper to an instant legend, as if he wasn’t already a star prior to this.

The name of the track is “Bands in Da Basement”, and I was so excited to listen to it that I grew impatient and already gave it a play before even starting this write-up. I’ll get more into it obviously, but I will say, it definitely didn’t let me down after having such high hopes. The production is comprised of futuristic, bubby synths as well as crisp, tapping percussion, and somewhat grittier, uncompromising drums that add a bit more tenacity to the track. As he begins to sing right off the bat, multiple different layers are on display as some are sung in high, melodic fashions while others are much more reminiscent of the soon-to-occur chorus. When we do get to the hook, Greedo takes us on a sonic tour of his home that is filled with money, as he talks about having cash in all different parts of his estate such as his mattress, walls, and of course, his basement.

As he gets into his verse, he comes off as almost condescending within his delivery as he simply toys with the simplistic beat and puts his animated personality out there for everyone to take in and experience. His flows switch up numerous times and so does his voice considering sometimes he sings and harmonizes, other moments he straight-up raps, and other times he even somewhat whispers, bringing such an assortment of sounds to this offering. I was interested to see what style Sosa was going to utilize because in recent history, he’s been a bit of a wild card and you never know what you’re going to get with him going into each new song of his. For this track, he opted for a much more melodic, heavily-autotuned style that we have heard before but never like this. I think that was clearly the right choice for the iconic emcee because it paired so seamlessly with Greedo’s typically autotuned voice and melodious deliveries, so it only made sense that he went with a similar aesthetic. Even beyond his buoyant main vocals, his ad-libs provide even more enthusiasm that compliments his words nicely. Other than the artists revealing where they’ve hidden money around their homes, they also get into topics such as designer goods, selling drugs, guns, and violence, among a plethora of other themes.

It’s obvious at this point that Greedo has an abundance of admiration from his counterparts in the music industry no matter where they’re from in the country, and it’s understandable why. His artistry and just pure aptitude to perform on so many different types of instrumentals are unbelievable, and his skillset runs much deeper than what many people might believe it to be on the surface. When it comes to Chief Keef, I feel like he’s been drawing the short straw in the minds of fans in recent years when that’s entirely not the case at all. Sure, he releases an insane amount of music all the time so sometimes the good, worthwhile tracks can get drowned out, but if you take the time to truly delve into his music as I have, you’ll find that he’s still bringing some gems to life. This misconception and hate doesn’t seem to bother him, as it shouldn’t, because he’s living a great life in his mansion in California and just having fun like he deserves to do after paving the way for so many young, new artists in the industry today. I never thought I’d hear 03 Greedo and Chief Keef on a song together, but now that we have “Bands in Da Basement”, you need to tune in as soon as you possibly can.