I serendipitously discovered City Park as I was headed to Amsterdam in the Fall and found myself frequently going back to “Getaway,” as it was only one of a few tracks release. Last week the Dutch Duo dropped off their Balance/Contrast EP and it’s filled with songs, much like “Getaway,” that will be surprisingly hard to pull away from.

It’s not surprising in the sense that the music not up to par or anything. Actually, quite the opposite. It’s is really well produced and the vocals and instrumentals really blend well together. However, with a softer sound that combines R&B with a cushioned pop/electronic feel it’ a little softer and mellow. Even though it’s more of a slow burn, it’s easy to get into (or vibe out to rather) which will keep you coming back for more. The perfect example is the final cut “Garden (Draft).” Even in it’s rough, incomplete state it effects; I guess that’s par for the course for City Park. Excited for more already!