Bag – [645AR] & [BEAM]

This week I have given myself the impossible task of describing the cultural significance of “Bag”, the long-awaited yet unexpected collaboration between Miami-via-Jamaica rapper BEAM and plugg pioneer 645AR. For the uninitiated this collaboration might not raise any eyebrows, but for those with their ear to the ground, “Bag” is the second coming, a cause to celebrate, and perhaps even worthwhile of a national holiday. Released late last month (sorry for the wait), “Bag” sees the dulcet and dreamlike raps of 645AR going bar-for-bar with the effortlessly sharp and versatile BEAM – and as a longtime fan of both artists, “Bag” feels like a dream come true. At this point, both artists are fairly prolific and wildly successful, and hearing the two work in sacred harmony is something I never thought I would be blessed with. Whether it’s 645AR instilling his own laid-back and futuristic energy into the track, or hearing BEAM reference older tracks like his Cardo-assisted “Lost” with masterful precision and dexterity, “Bag” is easily one of my favorite hip-hop releases in recent memory. Before you start drafting that tweet roasting me for taking three weeks to write about this song – I’ll be the first to admit that while on the hunt for a new job keeping up with new music has not been my highest priority. Still, I thank god above that “Bag” didn’t fly under my radar, because it is truly everything I could ever want from a collaboration between two of my favorite artists. Though I feel fortunate, I hope that this “Bag” is a harbinger of more things to come, rather than being the last time that BEAM and 645AR cross paths. In either case, BEAM’s newest LP ALIEN and 645AR’s upcoming project are sure to end up in a few year-end lists come December.

Check out “Bag” below: