Bad Trip – [Lil Blessin]

In my own opinion, if you’re from Chicago making music, it doesn’t matter if you’re world-renown, locally recognized, or even just making music for your own enjoyment. I just feel like there’s something in the air here that makes these talents built different, and while there are certain styles that seem to get much more recognition than others, there are just way too many creative individuals here that make this place one of the most diverse music destinations in the history of the industry.

The massive stars we all know and love are great, obviously, but it’s the local artists who are really innovating and making this city’s music scene as vibrant as it is, and as exciting as it has been since the awe-inspiring renaissance that Chicago music seemed to go through over a decade ago. One of the most popular names in the city is Lil Blessin, a spitter who shows his Westside roots through and through within everything he drops, and he is literally the poster child for what the Windy City represents in terms of diverse soundscapes and genre-bending offerings.

Back in April, Blessin dropped his track “Bad Trip” which appears to be his first release since late last year, so although he has been navigating from the shadows in the recent past, if I know one thing about him, it’s the fact that he’s always working on something special. Although his latest release isn’t new music, it is actually an LJay Productions-shot music video for the aforementioned record, and simply put, it’s awesome.

It might not have tons of flashiness or most of the luxurious things that mainstream emcees include in their videos, but it shows Blessin and his homies simply vibing out and having a great time enjoying life which seems to be one of the main focal points of Blessin’s infectious music. The myriad of these moments paired with various effects that are imposed in the post-production process truly make this video shine as bright as Lil Blessin, so you don’t want to overlook this wonderful visual for another second.