Bad News – [909memphis]

There are numerous artists in the underground music scene that I think deserve so much more credit than they receive, but their grind is always notable and it’s going to pay off one day or another. When I first dove into this wild and unpredictable underground arena, 909memphis was always someone who I found myself gravitating towards because he had one of the most unique voices I had ever heard, and he knew just how to utilize it in order to bring out the best in himself and his music.

At first, I would compare him to Young Thug because of the way he would manipulate his voice and his deliveries, but as I thought about it more, I realized that he was in a lane of his own and deserved so much more respect than is given when comparing him to someone else because he truly is one of a kind. Most recently, I got extremely excited because he not only dropped a brand-new track entitled “Bad News”, but he also announced the release of his upcoming project Whatever It Takes which will gift us with 6 new tracks that I’m overly confident will just contribute to his storied and compelling legacy, and this can be expected to be in our hands on December 16th.

In this single, Lockxge was in charge of the production, using a mystifying melody combined with rattling percussion and deep, thumping drums that give Memphy an impeccable foundation to show off his skills. When he does come in, his lighthearted delivery consumes every last ounce of your attention, boasting dreamlike flows that just tiptoe all over the instrumental effortlessly.

His emotion is abundant and his passion is plentiful, but it seems as if he just naturally allows his lyrics to roll off of his tongue with ease, never getting ahead of himself while living in the moment instead. I think “Bad News” is one of his best sounds in recent memory, but it also gets me pumped for the rest of this upcoming project, making it a song you need in your life before we receive the entirety of the tape in just a few weeks.