Bad Luck – [Denzel Curry] ft. [PlayThatBoiZay]

Considering I’m always a fan of the artist first and foremost, I always appreciate it when they push the boundaries and get out of their comfort zone. That’s why, when I saw Denzel Curry post a rock song, I had to tune in. He mentioned in an Instagram post that while in the studio, PlayThatBoiZay wanted to do a Rock record but he wasn’t really feeling it despite constant bombardment from fans to try it out.

He just didn’t want to get boxed into the Rock category because that would close off his art to the rest of his full potential, but he is always one to try first and ask questions later. So, he said he hit up his homie Spencer from popular Rock band Trash Talk to make it happen, and even after posting it, he pointed out the fact that some may love it and others might hate it, but at the end of the day, it was an experiment that I personally thought went off without a hitch. Produced by Kwes Darko and Spencer Pollard, heavy electric guitar chords pave the way for the melody prior to loud, energetic drums coming into the picture to tie things together. As it opens, Denzel screams a few words to truly show that he’s not messing around, but when he comes in for the hook, he raises the pitch of his voice and somewhat scream-sings as he mentions all of the bad luck moments throughout his life.

When Zay comes in for the first verse, he matches the energy as his vocals have some sort of granular filter placed on them to emphasize the Rock feeling of this record. Considering it’s from the soundtrack for DC’s Death Metal, there are no swears and every time a swear might be mentioned, the vocals cut out briefly, but it almost adds a grungier vibe to the record in general, so it’s not something that’s nearly as distracting as you might’ve thought. In the second verse, Zay gets almost demonic with his delivery as Denzel joins him to provide some ad-libs that bring things to new heights before one final hook takes us out of the track once and for all.

Once again, I can’t sit here with confidence and say that all Denzel fans are going to enjoy this, because that’s simply not the case. Even for me, it’s definitely not one of my personal favorite records from him, but that’s not to say I don’t respect the hell out of it. He got out of his comfort zone and tested his limits, and while it doesn’t sound like this is something he’s going to routinely continue doing, I love seeing this other side of him, and he honestly makes it work quite well. All I’m saying is that if he performed this live at a show, there will be mosh pits and there will be broken bones, blood, and a group of open-minded fans who are having the time of their lives. “Bad Luck” is the new and experimental record from Carol City’s very own Denzel Curry featuring PlayThatBoiZay, and it’s something you’re not going to want to miss out on if you have an open mind and respect breaking through barriers, so check it out below whenever you get the chance.