Bad Day – [Nyck Caution] ft. [Denzel Curry]

Pro Era never seems to miss, although the only member of the collective I’m actually extremely familiar with is obviously Joey Bada$$. I’ve become acquainted with certain other members through certain songs he has released that feature them, but I definitely need to get on top of my game moving forward, especially when it comes to Nyck Caution, one of the most promising yet underrated members of the group without a doubt.

On Friday, Nyck is gearing up to release his album Anywhere But Here, and considering he has already dropped off a few singles to hype up the project’s release, I definitely need to zone in and listen up, and I suggest you do the exact same thing. Today, Nyck teamed up with none other than Denzel Curry for a song entitled “Bad Day”, and after hearing this compared to some of the other singles, I already know that Friday is going to be anything but a bad day.

You already knew that this record is a hit as soon as you find out Charlie Heat produced this record, and as soon as you press play, you realize exactly how right your presumptions were. He incorporates some lively, animated synths, insane sliding 808s, and equally as intense and hasty percussion that all combine for a picture-perfect instrumental that Nyck and Denzel absolutely rip to shreds. As the song opens, Denzel talks his shit while Nyck provides a few additional words to hype him up even more, but once the beat drops, there’s no saving yourself.

Neither artist has their own verse, but the duo instead switches off lines, constantly rotating back and forth in order to give a little input of their own consistently and unbelievably. Although they start out both verses pretty passionately, they get more and more aggressive with every additional bar to the point where their words are spoken with such attack and assault, you almost feel like they’re coming at you on a personal level. The hook might be the best part, though, because Denzel actually kind of sings this part, although the way his notes roll off of his tongue, it sounds almost like he’s taunting you before the tag team goes back in on the second verse for some more brutalization.

Nyck Caution might have the streets of Brooklyn on lock, but I think it’s definitely only a matter of time before he has the entire world in the palm of his hand. On this record specifically, the way he and Denzel switched off not only kept you constantly guessing and on the edge of your seat, but they were able to include some of their own trademark flows that differentiated themselves from each other while also consistently keeping each and every bar as fresh as ever. I think that when Anywhere But Here releases on Friday, this is going to be a pivotal turning point in Nyck’s career, and I couldn’t be more excited to see him head straight to the top. I’ll be watching his journey the entire way and I highly suggest you should too, and if for some reason you don’t understand why I have such high praise for the New Yorker, just listen to “Bad Day” and see for yourself.