Out of all the numerous crews and collectives in Detroit, World Tour Mafia has become of the most influential and recognizable at this point, as their members have all delivered a number of memorable solo projects, not to mention continually blessing both their city and the world beyond with memorable guest verses and indubitable shit talking skills. WTM Scoob, Milt, DaeMoney, Solid, Miles, and Re make up the tight-knit crew, possessing an obvious chemistry and mutually beneficial culture that enables them to flex on their naysayers and doubters as a group, pushing each others music faithfully along the way. Their latest group visual for their track “BACKDOOR OPEN” was produced by the rapidly ascending production duo of Lulrose and Lulboobie who each have produced a number of the midwest’s most memorable songs, and in Lulrose’s case has been the mastermind behind many beloved underground tracks for years but continually manages to work with all of the hottest up and comers, shaping their sound on their way to the top. From start to finish this track was loaded with wisdom, bragging, and Instagram captions and the confidence that they possess is contagious and I look forward to seeing and hearing each World Tour Mafia member continue to find and polish their sounds and break through into the mainstream in 2022.