Backache – [wifisfuneral]

As wifisfuneral began to drop singles leading up to his album PAIN?, my anticipation grew more and more. Each single showed off a different side of the Florida hitmaker that we might not have been used to seeing, but I knew we were in for something truly special. Now that the album has been out for a couple of weeks, I’ve had time to go back and revisit the project a few times, and every new listen makes the album even better, in my opinion. His dexterous skills are abundant, and his emotions are at the forefront of every song. Sometimes these feelings shine through with sadness or depression while other times there is lust and passion, but no matter what song you’re listening to, wifi doesn’t hold back a single feeling from listeners.

One of my personal favorites off of the album has to be “Backache”, and although it is definitely more of a sexual, erotic cut, his melodies and aptitudes are on full display. Considering I’ve already talked about the song when the album first dropped, I’m not going to go into heavy detail, but we have recently been gifted a brand-new music video for this hit and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. It opens up on a family sitting on a couch watching some sort of wildlife documentary before things take a turn as they change the channel and an unexpected news story takes over the screen.

A news anchor reports on scene at a car wash run by wifi as beautiful women cheer behind him and encourage viewers to come out to get their vehicles cleaned. Of course, a shiny car isn’t the main perk that is going to get people to come out, but rather the half-naked ladies who are dancing around and acting almost too risqué for cable television. As the song starts up, the models scrub Lamborghinis and other exotic cars while twerking and lewdly dancing as bubbles cover the scene.

wifi takes center stage, singing his lines in the midst of the suds before getting acquainted with these lovely ladies and dancing along with them. The mom on the couch watching the TV tries taking the remote from the dad before giving up on that strategy in order to try and cover up their impressionable young son’s eyes. As the day grows old and the sun sets, the car wash turns into a strip club as another breaking news story is shown, encouraging people to once again come out and see these women dance. As this scene continues to take shape, a plethora of stripper poles line the center of the parking lot and the ladies go to town dancing in an even bawdier fashion than ever before while cars drive around the outskirts of the show.

The reporter gets an interview with wifi who hypes the party up, even more, talking about how crazy it is over there while some ladies collect money from viewers who are driving around in their cars. The mom ultimately gets distracted trying to shield her son’s eyes, so the dad takes advantage of this moment and slips out to see what all the excitement is about. As the reporter tries to get an interview with him, he rolls up his window and speeds off to avoid being caught before wifi leads us out of the video by throwing ones at the girls as he joins them on stage for a show of his own.

I always enjoy videos that have some sort of backstory so instead of just taking us to a normal strip club and making a typical Rap visual, wifi thought outside the box and made it his own. I truly appreciate this, and the comedic aspects of the video definitely brought the overtly sexual song to new heights. Although I looked at this track as being lustier and straight-up sexual while listening in the context of the album, this new take gave me a different perspective on the track and now I’m excited to go back and revisit the project to see if the music video changes this song’s perspective or not. Either way, if you haven’t listened to PAIN? yet, it’s definitely an album you should put at the top of your list. The music video for “Backache”, a standout on the project, is also a must-watch, so stop whatever you’re doing and check it out as long as you’re not at work or somewhere that might get you in trouble for watching something so revealing.