Back – [Skodi]

Even though I pride myself on pretty much eating, sleeping, and breathing music, it’s literally impossible for me to know about every single artist in the industry. While some talents have been making waves and have a solidified fanbase already, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to familiarize myself with them despite their successes, and Skodi is one of these artists I was just put onto, and I can’t get enough. She already has a great start with her young and blossoming career, yet I somehow just found out about her, and with such a fruitful background in music, her sound is as intriguing as it gets.

Not too long ago, Skodi released a 3 song, 10-minute-long EP entitled Corner Store Chronicles: The Prequel, and while this is a quick hit, it’s the perfect introduction that skims the surface of her very impressive and dexterous skills. Her personality is abundant in every track on this project, but my personal favorite has to be “Back”, so even though I’m late to the party when it comes to this record’s music video, I couldn’t help but write about it still.

Directed by Orlandito, things begin as Skodi cruises around on her bike in an all-pink, flower-filled outfit before the setting transitions to a yellow-walled room with a wall full of windows, contributing a bright, vibrant scene to the video even though Skodi is still the most captivating part of each shot. Heading back out to the street where she hangs with a couple of friends, she pours out some of her 40, eats some McDonald’s, does some gambling, and causes trace amounts of destruction, all while showing off her smooth, even-keeled personality.

When the beat switches up, we’re brought to the second chapter of this visual where Skodi lays in a bathtub that’s on top of a beautiful, scenic overlook where she continues spitting her bars, rounding out this video perfectly. Skodi is an artist I can’t help but get excited about, and while she has a ways to go before she’s considered to be in the upper echelon of the music industry, “Back” is a song that is going to help get her there, making it a song and music video that you need in your life as soon as possible.