Babies & Fools – [Freddie Gibbs] & [The Alchemist] ft. [Conway the Machine]

Ever since Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist’s collaborative project Alfredo came out so many months ago, at this point, I haven’t gone even a few days without running through the album in its entirety. I’ve stated many times in the past how much I enjoy every single aspect of this project, and it just seems like Al can provide an incredible foundation for any artist to go crazy on. Then again, Freddie Gibbs isn’t just any artist, so when the two masters of music teamed up, it was a Heaven send and the results obviously speak for themselves.

When it comes to all of the music videos that have dropped to accompany this effort, they’re all even better at elevating the storyline of the project than I could’ve ever expected, so I always make sure I tune in and share their incredibility with as many people as I possibly can. Whether he’s evading law enforcement and heading out to another country with the help of Rick Ross in “Scottie Beam” cruising around on a yacht with Benny the Butcher like notorious the notorious kingpin in “Frank Lucas”, or simply living one of the most interesting lives in the entire world, you can never put anything past Freddie, because he’s a man of many hats.

As far as his most recent music video for “Babies & Fools”, he and Conway the Machine link up and hit the strip club to blow off some steam and have some fun. This was also the perfect pairing because Conway is also fairly fresh off of another Al-produced project entitled LULU, so the duo deserves to enjoy themselves after their albums’ respective successes. Certain lo-fi effects are intermingled with more high quality, high definition shots, providing some intriguing differentiation within the same setting. Other night vision clips are shown, and it’s during these portions that the rappers’ diamond-studded chains, rings, watches, and glasses truly gleam with the emulation of some of the club lights.

Opening up and setting the scene, old school captions introduce the two talents as if it’s a retro sitcom, which couples with the jazzy sample that is used flawlessly. As Freddie begins to spit, low camera angles are used, showing him dancing around and smoking a blunt while other granular clips displaying the strippers are mixed in throughout. Aside from the rappers’ spitting their bars, other scenes show them receiving dances as they carelessly shower the dancers in money. The same continues into Conway’s verse, but when he is highlighted alone, he takes a seat on top of one of the booths, spitting his lyrics with his trademark curled upper lip, showing off his attitude and nonchalant disposition, incredibly. After they’re done with their verses, the two talents basically vibe out and live it up, casually leading us out of the music video.

While the other music videos that have been released to accompany this album have maybe had larger budgets and were put together on a grander scale, I think that this visual joins the series in a perfect way. It proves that you don’t need million-dollar yachts, trips to exotic places, or anything else extremely braggadocious to put together a solid offering that couples with the song they’re acting out nicely. The casual, jazzy aesthetic of the track itself worked nicely with the setting they used, and although the strip club most likely had bangers playing, you’d have no idea because the way the two artists acted, you’d think they were at a more bawdy jazz club. While Alchemist hasn’t really made an appearance since the initial “1985” music video, I would like to see his inclusion at some point moving forward, but his masterful production on every single song still gets me every time, so it is what it is. Who knows if we’ll continue to receive music videos from Alfredo or not, but instead of speculating and hoping we do, just make sure you watch the album’s latest music video for the remarkable song “Babies & Fools”.