When it comes to the interesting mind of an artist like SEBii, nothing is normal, but that’s what makes him so great, and a mystery at the same time. I was only recently put onto his music or Hyper Pop in general, if that’s even what his music can be considered, but in my opinion, he’s in a lane of his own that is unmatched by anyone else. On the outside, he might look like a normal person, or at least definitely not someone who would even be remotely capable of making the hits he does, but one look at his slew of releases will have your mind blown.

As he gears up for the release of his next project VVSS, I have honestly no idea what to expect from the rising star, but I can say with the utmost certainty that he’s going to deliver some of the most original and unique music in the entire world. In order to appease fans one final time before the project is in our hands, he decided to drop off a single entitled “AUBUDABii”. Clearly referencing the capital of the United Arab Emirates, an extremely well-off country in the Middle East, he’s bringing some of the riches our way with his music, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Rotating, bubbly xylophone hits of some sort create a constant rotation of happiness and joy within your eardrums prior to incredibly pungent 808s and a high-pitched sliding synth entering into the picture, elevated by some incredible percussion as well. As soon as the song starts, he begins singing about flying to the aforementioned city, allowing his soft-spoken lyrics to echo off into the distance and resound within your mind until the next line. As the hook begins to unravel, his bars are spoken in a very clear, pure fashion one by one, never speeding up or going too crazy but rather allowing each word to reminisce in your head.

As his verse begins and the beat somewhat diversifies, so does his cadence where he lowers his tonality and swings his words a bit more than on the chorus, providing some differentiation and a look into his skills beyond his melodiously high-pitched singing. For the final hook, the beat completely simplifies and allows the 808s to shine through and complement his vocals infectiously prior to the other lighter elements of the production to sweep listeners off their feet and carry us out of this record.

After listening, it’s clear that this is a fairly simple, easygoing record that might not necessarily win any awards or top any charts at the moment. With that being said, more and more artists are trying to get in on this style of music, but SEBii is one of the originators of the sound, so he has been and will continue to do it better than pretty much any other artists you can think of. His playful, almost video game-like disposition is just contagious, and it’s as unique as any other talent you can imagine, so I’d suggest getting in on the ground floor before SEBii truly takes off, because, at this point, it’s only a matter of time and patience. His backstory is as intriguing as his sound, and he uses this uncharacteristic upbringing to his advantage perfectly, so make sure you get in tune with the promising young up and comer as soon as possible. “AUBUDABii” is the perfect starting point to get you excited for VVSS, so check it out whenever you find some time.