Attention – [VICTOR!]

17-year-old Chicago artist VICTOR! is back today with a brand new track. The singer, songwriter and producer has been building buzz for his forthcoming album “2000”, recently releasing an exclusive CD-only EP titled “GLITTER98”. “Attention” is the only single from that EP to be released digitally so far, and it’s one of VICTOR!’s most versatile yet as he flexes his rap abilities over lo-fi drums and shoegaze guitar strums. The track’s hook ties everything together, as VICTOR! expresses his feelings for someone who he wants to be more than friends with. VICTOR!’s discography to date (he hasn’t even been dropping songs for a year yet) thrives off his ability to be vulnerable on the mic and complement his intimate songwriting with bedroom-made beats that feel both youthful and nostalgic. “Attention” is a prime example of that, and continues to escalate anticipation for the promising talent’s debut LP which is expected this year.